Denice Simoes


"Every piece an inspiration. Every inspiration a story."


The PROTECTED HEART collection was inspired by a precious moment. Mother and daughter drawing together. At the age of three, Stringer's daughter explained her drawing, "That's a cage for her heart, so it stays safe and doesn't break." Protect our loved ones heart.

  • Inspiration

    Sketch by Sofia Stringer 3yrs old

  • Concept

    Gouache rendering by Denice Simões Stringer

COURAGE, the story

The COURAGE collection was inspired by Stringers grandmother. What struck Stringer so much about this choice of her grandmother was two things. One, the way her grandmother’s love for her husband endured, and the strength it took always to keep his memory alive with honor and respect. The second was the gold jewelry that her grandmother always wore and how it contrasted beautifully with her simple black wardrobe. From then on, the combination of the two colors has always stayed fresh in Stringer's mind. Not a combination of sorrow and grief, but one of honor and love, making an indelible impression on her as she grew into a woman. As Stringer approached her new line, "Courage," she used her grandmother's COURAGE as the inspiration.